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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  January 15, 2013 12:00am-1:00am PST

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she has not having twins. i figure out why the portrait looked tire, probably when she had all the morning sickness. i thought about this last night. >> bob: my turn, i told you about taking my son to college. we took him there on saturday. two of us at rollins. alex, picture of alex as his freedom about to be given to him. i went to orientation for parents. i got to tell you something, it was unbelievable. all they did is talk about the alumni eric bolling, the greatest baseball player ever to be at the college. they did mention "the five" and we got a standing ovation from the crowd. >> dana: nice. very good. my update is president bush 41 went home today from the methodist hospital in houston. he was only sad he wasn't able to thank everybody in perp for their kind words. how sweet. welcome back mr. president.
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>> kimberly: class act. >> dana: i hope you're watching. let me know. welcome to "red eye." i am former cia operative mike baker filling in for greg gutfeld. don't fret. greg will be back late they are week, i promise. tv's andy levy has been struck by the flu bug. we don't know when he will be back. filling in for andy is the daily beast cultural news editor michael moynihan. dupreist fer mike or -- do you prefer mike or michael? >> mike is fine. >> i like mike. >> mike, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> thanks, mike. did a newspaper gun owner map lead to a theft. mike baker who lives at 521 west 85th street and unarmed tbifs banter. and a new poll shows 12% of pakistanis have a positive view of the united states.
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experts suggest that in the future we fire troans full of local -- drones full of local -- lollipops and gummy bears. and last the right wing facist is here for her comments. >> thank you very much, mike. two flaws in the opening tease there. no one will ever believe i will be unarmed, and no one will ever believe i will buy a place in the mid80s on the west side. >> i will fact check. >> let's welcome our guests. i am here with gerri willis. she anchors the willis report at 6:00 p.m. eastern time on fox business network. jaime weinstein, the daily caller senior editor. and one of the authors of the e book, "the lizard king." it is our own bill schulz. and sitting next to me right here is write writer and comedian keith oberstat. and soon you will be cheering because the end is nearing. you know where this is going. you have been watching this a
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longtime. our new york times correspondent. good to see you, pinch. >> will your senseless blather ever cease? it is the lack of ladies in the cabinet. the publication has been at the forefront of women's issues and both a newsroom full of the fairer sex. isn't that right, intern porch? >> you told me a woman's place is in the home and her dress code should be both barefoot and pregnant. >> all right. that's enough out of you, porch. >> you said the only thing women should be able to vote for is "american idol" and they will probably screw well. >> okay, get him out of here, baker. >> that's it, you are done. >> all right. did a map make their home a mark? think about that. on saturday night roberts hit
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a white plains government, and that happens to be a dot on the map. the burglars went to the gun safe and the republican state senator thinks that is no coincidence. he says, "it is absolutely sickening. we are not surprised. criminals have already testified to the fact this would happen. if this is the case, the general news needs to be held personally responsible. however, the public safety commissioner says it is pre premature to connect one breaking and entering with a newspaper gun map. jaime, do you think the home was targeted because of the map? >> it seems unclear if it was. you can use the map to target when someone is away to get their gun, but when anyone is home those who don't have a point on the map don't have guns. so they are an easier target. i think this is indicative of since the newtown masacre, this moral superiority on the
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gun control. if you don't agree with them, you are a barbarian who doesn't care about ingnawent is civilians. it is best exemplified by piers morgan trying to talk down to people. >> i wondered how long it would be until somebody brought piers morgan into this mess. this is a copy of the google map. it is using an application i call dues del p mas. there is -- call doodle maps. >> look at that lovely labradoodle. >> doesn't it make sense that they punish the map where gun owners live and wouldn't it be smart to stay away from the home or are they specifically going after the gun? >> i would like to point out the commissioner who said this is all speculation that the house was targeted. the guy's name is david chong. >> i wasn't sure where you were going. there is a stoic look on my
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face. >> it is a long set up. >> yes, but let's drag it out a little longer. if the journal is responsible -- >> i am from west chester. everybody there is anti-gun. they all voted for obama, but when they printed the addresses those people were so upset. they feel like they have privacy rights. they are angry. they don't like it. is it possible these burglars targeted is a house because they wanted to steel the guns when the owners were away? sure. >> in fairness, it is still speculation, right? we don't know -- unless the burglars come forward and say this is why we targeted the house. we have others out there who interviewed reformed burglars saying this is what will happen. we will go after the homes that have weapons because they are easily sellable. it is quick cash basically.
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bill four guns or are you going to get them? >> what? >> see, he didn't understand. are you four guns organ them. >> four guns and again them? >> you don't get out much, do you? >> you are so urban. i am not from west chester, but i feel like i am an official resident because i am outside jerry's house all the time. i can tell you everything she said is correct. i will also say if you are on this map that's okay, but get off twitter. don't tweet about how great miami is and how you are looking forward to spend the rest of the week there and don't tweet on how pay less is great and you will be there for a few more hours. they will come. >> people don't realize how educational it is. it is a large part to you. >> i don't come with answers. i come with suggestions.
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>> can i make a suggestion? >> yes. >> i think a newspaper out there should print the addresses and names of everybody who watches "honey boo-boo." >> don't say anything bad about honey boo boo. >> have you watched honey boo boo? >> no. i >>- q. i don't president what to -- >> i don't want to spin anything else out of this show, but i can talk about honey boo boo and it is fabulous. >> we need a five-year-old? how old is the little girl? >> she is actually 42. >> before we get lost, with this whole story of the publishing of the permit holders, and again it is permit holders, not necessarily that they have a gun. with the talk of making that accessible to the public do you think it will go anywhere and can they do that or will they but up against the freedom of information 1234. >> it seems to me it is a first amendment right. i could be wrong. maybe there are lawyers who can correct me. it seems like they are within their rights to publish this. i don't understand the point.
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what are they trying to accomplish? even getting in their minds, how will that prevent gun violence? will they shame people if you know your neighbor has a gun, how does that help you? >> i think you hit on it. it makes them feel morally superior, and it is an effort to try and shame the people. i don't feel ashamed. hands up who has guns around this table sph. >> toy guns count? >> water gun. >> from pistols to popularity, who is a fan of uncle sam? it doesn't rhyme, but you won't notice at 3:00 a.m. on the east coast. they revealed opinions of the united states from around the world. as usual we are universally beloved. no, we're not. nobody has deeper feelings for america. where is it? >> not surprising when the
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state of u.s. hate is great in places like jordan, pakistan and washington, d.c. while it is japan and south korea and africa. most ambivalent is lebenon and tunisia as you would expect. and we are going to hate or love us. one of the surveys had this message for america. >> that is it. we will just replay that over and over again and call the rest of the show off. >> he ended up consuming that thing whole. >> in south asia parts of the world they hate us. are we ever going to win them over? if so how?
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>> i think all-around the world and not only south asia. there is a particular dislike for us. it is popular in europe to pretend to be anti-american. but they only hate us because they watch our movies and go to our clubs and listen to our music and ballads of new york city. the hate only goes so far. jay they hate us because they envy us. >> they envy us like gangnam style. >> gangnam style. >> again, i am not urban. >> my three and a half-year-old scooter does a version of the gangnam style dance that is almost spot on. in fact, they wanted him on the show tonight, but i didn't want him to travel out here. what surprised you most about the study? >> i am not that surprised. i am married to a canadian. even people who are right on our border -- >> you married a canadian? >> i married a canadian.
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what can i say? they don't like us either. it is not surprising that most of these folks are jealous of us. we have the biggest gdp in the world and the biggest economy in the world. our people are the wealthiest of anybody. so we have to rely on the ukraine for somebody who likes us. >> because we are perceived of being at the top of the food chain right now it be falls anybody who is on top of the ladder. >> i agree with mr. allen thicke. i think it is true. we are at the top of the lotto list, yes there are a lot of haters out there. i can't understand why we keep giving these countries money. we keep giving them resource dashes dash not resources, but money. why? if they hate us so much. >> it used to be foreign aid
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would be given to influence and motivate countries to align with our interests. >> that is music fans being -- they get a monthly check from kenny g all the time. >> i would like kenny g. >> what say you on the whole thing? were you surprised you were singled out by the pakistanis as a primary source of hatred. >> i don't care about polls like this. give me something i can work with. let me know which foreign country my accent might most likely get me laid. that's something i can get help with. and as one who used to live in australia, i can tell you that place ain't it. six months of nothing. >> barely got lucky. not australia. >> i am thinking nigeria. they loved us. >> see how we cut them off. >> she compared the right to the third reich.
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the creator and star of the hbo show "girl." and the winner of two golden globeses. in an interest view with vulture, she was asked about her character hannah's decision. her decision to date a republican. and she answered and i quote, hannah doesn't have a clear sense of why you shouldn't date a republican. it is like the same reason why you shouldn't date a nazi. you just shouldn't. she is on a show called "girls." she later said she personally doesn't have a problem with dating a conservative. let's look at her character's reaction upon first finding out the guy she is dating likes the gop. >> i thought she was over acting a bit myself.
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she has a show, i believe called "girls" on hbo. is she ignoring her -- is she exposing her ignorance or both? >> you becha. >> is that a canadian phrase? >> i might have picked that up from my husband, it is true. >> adorable. >> did you see her video during the election? she talked about how much she liked the president. but in a funny kind of i'd like to date him kind of way? >> did she say date? >> i don't know if it was a d-word she was referring to. >> you were saying a little while ago and we were all shocked by this, but you were more offended by the dating plot. can you elaborate on that? >> no. but i think this is entirely understandable. i have never seen the show
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"girls." >> where are you been? >> too busy making his pamphlet. >> i have been writing for the ron paul survival guide. >> i don't know much about leena done ham. she went to an eastern liberal school like i did. and then she went out to l.a. where she made her fortune. she never once had a serious conversation who challenged her world view. she lives in a bubble where these things are republican. they are icky. she never debated or talked to republicans. i think that might changing if she sat and talked to somebody. >> the amazing thing is is we pay attention to those who make comments. to the point, do you know any other famous canadians or have you run out of your list? >> i know plenty. you have akroyd, bieber. >> bieber is, yes. >> i was just curious. >> keep them coming. >> lena done ham is not
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canadian . first would you date lena, and second of all do you have nazi ties? >> wow. >> i don't write these questions, by the way. >> i am a little tired of the nazi comparison. it is irritating. >> answer the question. >> people don't like somebody or a group of people. it is the vial under belly of society. >> people talk about how polarized we are. and your point is if we go straight to guns. used to be an escalation. they say this is like holding a gun to your head. bill, you get the last word on this which is surprising to me. but do you have a favorite episode of "girls"? >> all of them. i suggest you brush up this weekend because it is a tour
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gee force. secondly i don't think she is the type of girl who should be limiting her options right here. i for one have me and my buddy big government. i find them all to be a slight. a delight. can't emphasize that enough. jay bill calls his unit big government. -- >> bill calls his unit big government. and we will check bill's body for ticks. but first, what changes are a foot at the lingerie football league? well it is the story that president obama doesn't want you to hear.
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it can make you fat, and so can a lot of things. behold coke uh cola's new
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slogan, not really and not really is thawr slogan. that's the message of their ad campaign that addresses obesity. it highlights efforts to cut calories from their beverages. it is running on cable newschannels like this one. cnn and spike tv, let's all drink it in together. >> we will continue to work with scientists and nutritionists on innovative things like zero calorie all natural sweeteners. beating obesity will take action by awful us based on one -- by all of us based on one fact. all calories count no matter where they come from including coca-cola. if you eat and drink more calories than you burn off, you will gain weight. >> of course, critics are reacting critically saying that if coke were serious about fighting obesity they would stop fighting soda taxes. said one nonfanned of the brand, and i quote, it looks like a page of control 101.
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let's discuss this in the -- >> lightning rooooouuuunnnddd. lightning round. >> there you have it. is it more of a business move or is it coke really serious about fighting obesity? >> i don't know what pr person told them this was a good move. everybody knows consuming calories makes you heavier. there is nothing new here. to say we are talking to scientists to tell us how to reduce these, that's ridiculous. just don't drink the cola. however, having said that, don't get between me and my 16 ounce. >> you heard it here. gerri willis says talking to scientists is ridiculous. >> is this all boomburg's fault 1234 who is consuming -- con suiting coca-cola. it is like the guy who made the dawment tree? who are those who dibts know
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coke was bad. >> you are sitting next to one of them. >> recent studies linked sugary drinks is a link to obesity. do you think there is something to this anti-soda stuff and is there science behind the point? >> it is ridiculous. it is common sense to make an announcement or advertisement that you know if you drink too much of this, it will be bad for you. it is like if dr. pepper comes out and says, by the way, not really a doctor, just so you know. >> that's not true though, they are a doctor. >> i didn't do my research. >> personally it sounds like -- and bill you will get the word, but it sounds like nothing more than a clever ploy to put themselves on a higher moral standing than some of the competetors. >> they do advertise on fox news i couldn't disdegree
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more. i for one have a coconut smile every day. i will say, why not just do a diet coke commercial 1234* that product they make doesn't have calories. and i don't even know anyone who drinks co coca-cola proper anymore. so does andy levy and he is out sick. >> if you have a rum and coke you can't have rum and diet coke. have you tasted that? it is crap. let's go to the next topic. on friday the white house released a response to an on-line petition. it is to build a "star wars" style death star. 25,000 people have signed the thing within a day. the administration said a death star isn't feasible because it would cost about $850 quad drillion dollars. why would we spend tax dollars
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on a one-man star ship. reason magazine says this could mark the end of -- >> i think a lot of things end political discourse. the whole petition thing was silly. everyone knew people would use it to create stupid petitions and have the white house respond. all fans should get the infomercial guy with the question marks to be the next secretary of the treasury. get him in the treasury department. get him in there. >> it is a great idea. you act like you have never heard a great idea on red eye of the. >> that's not true. this place is full of good ideas. >> obama promised to answer any petition that gets 2ive foo,000 signatures. do you think huey is regretting that pledge?
12:27 am
>> or somebody does it for him. >> doesn't he do his own tweets? >> it could be possible other people help. i know it is shocking. >> keith, if this death star thing ran on clean energy instead of coal or whatever the death star runs on, do you think it might have gotten more support from the white house? >> that's a great idea. >> name another famous canadian. >> joe carter. >> wow, he is is good. >> he hit the homerun to win the world world series. i don't know if he was actually canadian. >> he was black so no. >> good point. >> it is a white country, baker. open your eyes. >> bill, every story is the same, you dress up aspirin success lay yaw. >> it is the not the return of the jedi bikini.
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i sensed a disturbance from the force. >> i just can't believe we went so far into geekdom there. do you have a comment on the show? red eye at fox and do you have video of your animal doing something other than pooping or licking itself because we get videos like that all the time. go to fox eye and click on submit a video and we might use it. still to come, the half time report from mike moynihan. >> tonight is pons erred by television, those machines used to measure sound and speech to a distant point. thanks, telephone.
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let's see if we have gotten anything wrong so far. we go to mike moynihan filling in for andy. >> there is some wrong stuff here. there is a whole segment wrong. let's start with jaime. you made a good point here. you said those are the homes you wouldn't be be roughing. that insurance -- incidentally would be my first response. you mentioned piers morgan. i want to make this about me. piers morgan two days ago on twitter called me a poisonous little twerp.
12:33 am
this is true. >> i imagine you hold that in high honor. >> i do. he is a bafoon s. everybody should read it. >> jerry, you are not from west chester. in the green room you revealed you are from the south. in the fact checking and would you like to clarify that for people? >> no, i would not like to clarify. >> are you ashamed of this house? >> i still live there because the commute is just too long. >> we'll get to it in a second, but you probably hate america too. >> no. >> you do. i looked it up. you also said something about privacy rights, but it came up later in the segment. people don't have the privacy rights. the information was given to the newspaper under freedom of
12:34 am
information agent. >> public officials give -- you know i give information on the irs, but the irs doesn't share my information with the rest of the world. i have privacy there and i should have it with my gun ownership. things from the holler. >> what is the holler? i thought i was miss hearing. >> the holler is a location. >> you have never been to the holler? >> i am from massachusetts. i don't know what you are talking about. bill didn't understand when mike baker was saying something i trans scripted it gun gonna get him. can you tell us now that the seggent in is behind us. >> guns are you for them organs them? >> oh, you were seeking -- >> yes, jaime tbot it. >> i thought it was a larry the cable guy joke. >> he is funny that guy.
12:35 am
>> you give criminals a ton of credit. you said you shouldn't tweet because they might see it and then come to your house. have you ever met a criminal like ones that break into houses? >> they are not very clever. i think you are giving them too much credit. >> i converse daily with my dealer vee jaw twitter. via twitter. i don't bother with code words anymore. >> you are the expert, drug addict. >> it is disparaging of criminals. >> where getting letters. we are getting letters. >> he will be watching this on a stolen television and then realize they are complete pieces of garbage. i am on twitter at mcmoynihan by the way, criminals. he mentioned something about honey boo boo which i figured was an animal. it turns out to be a chubby child who has a chubbier mom and they are on television for
12:36 am
some reason. >> and drink a lot of coke. >> they do? >> segment tie in. >> yes, they are down south. they are in georgia. i am from the south, by the way. i am not uh -- ashamed to admit it. >> you are everywhere. you can't tell. they can pop up at anytime. >> mike, you said -- >> it is a different lange welling. language. go off to your southern convention. >> it is called re-enactment. >> i think i doubt keith is from the south. >> he is from tennessee. >> nashville, tennessee. >> mike, you said that had a gun, or you maybe said that. and you live in new york city.
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this is awkward. totally awkward for me. if i had a siren i would make it go off in the studio. >> you know what, i used to live in connecticut, not far from where jerry is. in the holler. i moved reeptsly. so what you got was old information. >> it is hard to do because i have a problem with my arthritis. >> what are you doing? >> i am doing a gang sign for the holler. >> a gang sign for the holler? >> that was a crippled west chester guy. we have a lot of territory to cover. anti-americannism, bill, it is a dance troop from the 1920s. i don't know if it is a country because i only got to that once.
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everybody said they hate us because they want to be like us. there is some truth to this. as somebody who lived over there for a long period of time. they also hate us because the newspapers and the television stations n constantly talk about how fat we are and stupid and people believe it. they are not envious of us. >> you answered one of our questions. your wife is swiss. >> swedish. >> it is somewhere i might go with my accent. >> i did get to that and i called some people, and apparently the only place you can get laid with that accent is in fasso. >> you get yourself a guest appearance in honey boo boo ssments. >> huge profit because he made an allen thicke reference. he played for the expos.
12:39 am
it may not be, but i made it up. >> played for the bluejays. >> he was born in oklahoma. he is thought from canada is what i am saying. once you are in canada -- dash. >> you get citizenship. >> once you bring the world series trophy -- >> brian mulroney chose to yow where it is going on. >> what is wrong with you people? i am trying to bring some energy. good god. >> celine dion. >> going back to why people hate us. why other countries hate us. it is not they want to be us. what they want is the position we told or perceive to be holding at the top of the food chain. that's what they want. >> i thought it was less be
12:40 am
like us over be with me. get to this, but we are running out of time. big government i want to reiterate is the name of your general till -- genital, correct? >> you don't have to be so crass. genitals is very personal. >> i do a lot of bipartisan blinking. >> you have five seconds left, you guys are all wrong about dena. she did not say republicans were nazis. she said her character was in -- and she said -- if you had read had story and not been like a bunch of brent bozell. >> i wish i know who preferenced them. >> he is a guy with a red beer and he is angry all the time. lena said she was exposing her character ter, quote, unquote
12:41 am
and thought it was a fun spot to eke plor. the character so the is that republicans were nazis. is she pointed out that she herself might -- she maybe wouldn't, but i don't know. she wasn't clear. she won't date a republican. >> that research problem you just exposed. that goes to the top of news corporation. >> we will lift the lid off of this, baker. >> and because we don't have more time, we will skip the coke and the keiths wins the day saying we have to retire the nazi references for everyone. even though we parsed it or i parsed it for you there is no more nazi referses,ett set raw, also band. and send any offenders to me. there you go. >> i conquer. >> no more nazi references. >> it is a bunch of squiglly
12:42 am
lines. >> we are all against nazis at this table. >> coming up, me moving the exercise bike into my underground bunker. that's not more of a story, but a to do list i have. what sort of criesy -- crazy situation has he gotten himself into now? join me in praising.
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new year's. it feels like 14 days ago, doesn't it? some people made resolutions. most have probably failed at their self-improvement endeavors. i am already board by this topic. we had bill schulz hit time square to see how everyone is faring. hopefully somebody resolved to repeatedly hit him in the face with a hammer. jay you don't pea -- >> you don't pee on the bar. >> every year people make resolutions and every year they flake on them. i will hit time square to see what people are trying to
12:46 am
quit. i don't have anything to quit, but maybe they can learn by my perfection. >> what was your new year's resolution this year and did you keep it? >> i didn't set one. >> got any possible candidates? >> no. >> any new year's resolutions you kept? >> no, none. >> are you my kind of guy. what are you doing later? >> we are going partying, but i don't know where. >> it is about 9:00 in the morning right now. this is concerning. >> i have no idea. i don't thong i made a resolution. >> if you resolved to look like a cute human bear hybrid you succeeded. >> just party and have a good time. >> that doesn't seem hard. >> i had a girlfriend for four years and now single and ready to party. >> so essentially your new year's resolution is to be a male whore. >> basically. >> just to be with my friends more. i don't spend enough time with friends. keep in touch with friends. >> you are interrupting.
12:47 am
his resolution should be to not interrupt. >> one of my resolutions is to talk more with fellow colleagues. exchange notes. >> we are in luck. >> we are doing a story on finding a perfect man. >> that's the story of my life. how can i find a perfect man? >> have -- i have a list of things i do and i was wonder fug can give me a yes or no. tickling john gibson. >> no. >> sucker punching lou donees. >> no. >> cremating smoking people. doing an upper decker. >> we talked about that last night. >> you do that to geraldo's toilets too? >> we will talk later. >> mentoring disenfranchised young people. >> mentoring trippers ? >> yes. >> striping for men forking
12:48 am
disenfranchised young people? >> no. >> he is an actor known forgetting raped in "deliverance." >> you could do that. >> teaching babies to kill. >> yes. >> well done. you guys have had a morally correct answer to all of my awful, awful habits. and your parting present, a kiss on the cheek. what i have right here are some celebrity new year's resolutions. i will give you the resolution and you tell me which celebrity failed to keep it. first one is stop crapping in my pants in the white house. >> al roker. >> yes. not have tmz smoking a bliznut. >> justin bieber. >> correct. stop sucking. >> lyndsay lohan. >> jonas brothers. >> they are unbelievably talented. i would have accepted the lakers or john travolta. >> we have to go. thanks for your time. >> apparently your resolution
12:49 am
is to not listen to my whole quiz. go have fun having sex with a lot of american women. >> that was fantastic. >> thanks, buddy. >> i am serious. what did you take away from that? >> i need to supply my number to a lot more of these people. my new year's resolution is to have -- take big government out. it has been a rough year. >> it is time to take a break. otherwise we would talk to bill more. more stuff when we return.
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last topic, is the lingerie football league no more? god we hope not. lonlingerie football leagues demand to know. the league says they are changing the name to the legends football league. the players would no longer compete while wearing lingerie. said a spokesman, this is the next step in the master because in the -- whoa there. maturation. i told myself several times to watch that. they have drawn great media uh station in showing the sport
12:54 am
to millions. cree -- we have crossed the crossroads where we have viewed as a gimmick. from a business stand point is this a bad move or awful bad move? >> i don't see how they make any money at all with their clothes on. i don't know about you guys. jng the poi -- >> i think the point is something else. i watch the puppy league. >> they are naked. >> they are equally cute. >> you keep the lingerie football league stats up there in your head. >> somebody has been reading the blog. >> what are you going to do when they stop? >> it is about time they changed things. i have taken the lingerie out of the title and the players will no longer wear the lingerie. we have a potential option for
12:55 am
tim tebow. >> people are still sitting there asking when will he get out there? jaime, how long before this whole league whether it is the lingerie football league or legends, how long before they fold? >> first thought was this exists? i wasn't aware of it. my second thought was they lost the entire audience with this move. i think it is going the way of non-existing anymore very soon. >> you honestly didn't know the lingerie fat buell league exists? >> i knew there would be like a 30-minute gimmick you go to pay per view. >> i heard about it. >> bill, did you actually for the next season did you choose lena as your lingerie league fantasy football quarterback? is that true? >> she seems like she would be the lombardi-type coach.
12:56 am
>> i am upset they are going to uniforms. it takes away the spirit of the game. >> name a caw neighed yn you would love to see in lingerie. name a canadian you would love to see in lingerie? >> john candy. >> we will close things out with a post game wrap up from mike moynihan. and to see clips go to fox eye.
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it was time to go back to mike moynihan for the post game wrap up. >> what is your middle name? >> rereferencing the holler my middle name is darlene.